ATS9373: External Clock Upgrade

This optional upgrade allows ATS9373 to perform analog to digital conversion based on an external clock signal. Two software selectable modes of external clocking are supported: user supplies a 10 MHz reference clock and the on-board VCO locks to it; or Fast External Clock whereby ATS9373 takes one (or two in DES mode) samples for each cycle of the user-supplied clock.  Fast External clock frequency must remain in the specified range of 300 MHz to 2 GHz.

Customers who need the external clock lower limit to go down to 100 MHz should order the Screened External Clock instead.
More on ATS9373: Screened External Clock Upgrade.

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  • External clocking from 2 GHz down to 300 MHz
  • Allows variable frequency external clock signals to be used
  • Allows locking to an external 10 MHz reference
  • Supports clock signals from +/- 200mV to +/- 1V
  • 50 Ohm input impedance
  • AC coupled input

ATS9373 Variable Frequency External Clocking

Some biomedical applications, such as OCT, require analog-to-digital conversion based on a clock signal whose frequency is not uniform over time. Most commercially available waveform digitizer boards cannot handle these types of variable frequency clock signals. AlazarTech has done a great deal of engineering work to make sure that ATS9373 is compatible with variable frequency external clock.