ATS9416: External Clock Upgrade

This optional upgrade allows ATS9416 to perform analog to digital conversion based on an external clock signal. Two software selectable modes of external clocking are supported: user supplies a 10 MHz reference clock and the on-board VCO locks to it; or Fast External Clock whereby ATS9416 takes one sample for each cycle of the user-supplied clock. Fast External clock frequency must remain in the specified range of 5 MHz to 100 MHz.

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  • External clocking from 100 MHz down to 5 MHz
  • Allows locking to an external 10 MHz reference
  • Supports clock signals from +/- 200mV to +/- 1V
  • 50 Ohm input impedance

ATS9416 External Clocking Use

ATS9416 External Clock Upgrade allows you to supply the ADC clock. This option is extremely important in many RF applications in which phase measurements must be made between the inputs themselves or between the inputs and an external event. The 10 MHz Reference Clock is useful for RF systems that use a common 10 MHz reference clock.