New software generates high-speed, low latency OCT images by linking waveform digitizers to GPUs using True DMA


Montreal, Canada (May 9, 2018) AlazarTech, a manufacturer of high-performance, low-cost PC Based Instruments, today announced the release of a new OCT Signal Processing Library called ATS-GMA-OCT™ for use with AMD Radeon™ Pro Graphical Processing Units (GPUs).

ATS-GMA-OCT provides out-of-the-box OCT imaging. It consists of a library of OpenCL kernels that operate on the data acquired by AlazarTech waveform digitizers. Up to 1.9 million FFTs per second can be calculated, which is more than sufficient for existing swept sources on the market. Windowing, Zero Padding, Dispersion Compensation, and Log functions are also included.

The unique modular API for ATS-GMA-OCT allows users to customize their signal processing algorithms. The modularity provides many hooks into the GPU data path, where customers can add their own signal processing code.

ATS-GMA-OCT requires ATS-GMA-BASE™, which uses True DMA with no CPU involvement in data transfer to GPU. This results in latency as low as 100 µs between data acquisition and processing by ATS-GMA-OCT. Non-DMA transfers have non-deterministic latency that can be in the range of 3.5 milliseconds.

ATS-GMA-OCT includes sample programs written in C/C++ to set-up waveform digitizer & FFT parameters, acquire data, and receive the FFT result buffer.

ATS-GMA is compatible with Windows® 7 and Windows 10.

ATS-GMA-OCT Features & Benefits:

OpenCL OCT library with example programs in source code Out-of-the-box OCT imaging
Up to 1.9 million FFTs per second Future-proofing of your OCT system
Very low latency of 100 μs More instantaneous response of your imaging system
Modular API Easily customize signal processing algorithms

“We noticed that many OCT customers were spending a very long time developing GPU based signal processing code and not always succeeding in achieving high frame rates”, stated Muneeb Khalid, President of AlazarTech. “We decided to build ATS-GMA-OCT as an out-of-the-box imaging software, but with enough hooks in it to allow customers to add their own secret sauce and create a unique solution”.

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