Position for Application Engineer in OCT, based in Shenzhen, China


Montreal, Canada (June 18, 2018) AlazarTech, a manufacturer of high-performance, low-cost PC Based Instruments, invites applications for the position of Application Engineer to work in the Shenzhen office of Scott Engineering Ltd. to provide pre-sales and post-sales technical sales support to AlazarTech customers, test and calibrate AlazarTech products, and assist customers in adapting example programs supplied by AlazarTech to their specific needs.

Responsibilities include:

  • Communicating with customers to understand their application and matching it to the appropriate AlazarTech product
  • Making remote and on-site demonstrations of AlazarTech products for customers (pre-sales)
  • Testing and verifying products received from AlazarTech prior to shipment to customer, as added Quality Control
  • Testing, verifying and repairing products received back from customers (RMA)
  • Communicating with AlazarTech factory for complex repair tasks
  • Writing custom software for customers to help them get started with AlazarTech products
  • Assisting customers in setting up their AlazarTech boards in their PCs if necessary (after-sales)
  • Assisting customers in troubleshooting their software (after-sales)
  • Providing help in translating AlazarTech technical and marketing documents, and website into Simplified Chinese
  • Assisting AlazarTech in procurement of various parts from China
  • Learning all programming environments supported by AlazarTech (C/C++., C#, LabVIEW, Python, MATLAB, CUDA, OpenCL)
  • Assisting in providing monthly reports to AlazarTech regarding sales activity


  • At least 2 years of C/C++ software development experience in university or work environment
  • Understanding of OCT application
  • Prior experience in using AlazarTech waveform digitizer boards in OCT application
  • Prior experience in using data acquisition boards in PC environment
  • Understanding of Personal Computer architecture (PCI Express bus, motherboard BIOS etc.)
  • Experience in Windows and Linux
  • Must possess effective written and oral communication skills
  • Personable, presentable and articulate. Hard working, attention to detail
  • Must be bilingual (Mandarin/English). Must be able to communicate with AlazarTech factory in English

Bonus Skills:

  • Knowledge of LabVIEW, MATLAB, Python, CUDA and OpenCL

Experience required: Candidate can be a fresh graduate, but must have programming experience

Education required: Bachelor's degree in Engineering or equivalent experience

Job type / status: Employee / Full time

For Further Information: For further information, contact Scott Engineering Ltd. via e-mail at scott33@139.com. Mailing address is Scott Engineering Ltd., Room 306, YuFuHua Bldg. (Bldg. No.1), China Academy of Science and Technology Development, No.009 GaoXinNanYiDao St. NanShan District, Shenzhen, Guandong, P.R. China.