ATS-GPU is a software library developed by AlazarTech to allow users to do real-time data transfer from its PCI Express waveform digitizers to a CUDA-enabled Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). Fundamentally, ATS-GPU solves the problem of transferring data from a waveform digitizer to a GPU at very high speeds. Data transfer rates as high as 6.9 GB/s have been demonstrated using PCIe Gen3 based waveform digitizers.

The optional OCT Signal Processing library that provides very high speed floating point FFT capability has been benchmarked at 1,900,000 FFTs per second for 2048 points on one input.

Ideal for Optical Coherence Tomography (SS-OCT) applications.

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  • Transfer A/D data to GPU at high speed
  • Up to 6.9 GB/s transfer rate for PCIe Gen 3 digitizer boards
  • Supports CUDA compute capability 3.0+
  • Designed to work with AlazarTech PCIe waveform digitizers
  • Optional OCT Signal Processing Library
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux
  • Users can create custom kernels for signal processing
  • More flexible than FPGA based DSP

ATS-GPU supports CUDA (Windows and Linux)

Starting with v2.0, ATS-GPU supports CUDA. This new CUDA-based ATS-GPU runs under both Windows and Linux.  Starting with v4.0, code optimizations have allowed us to increase the data throughput from AlazarTech waveform digitizer to GPU to 6.9 GB/s under CUDA.  This is more than enough for doing 2048 point FFTs at a rate of 1000 kHz!