High Performance, high reliability, low cost PCI and PCI Express Waveform Digitizers & PC Oscilloscopes designed for today's demanding applications.

Our hardware and software products allow you to acquire and analyze fast electronic signals in real-time and without any interruption.  If your acquisition system must operate on a 24/7 basis, you need to use AlazarTech products.

AlazarTech waveform digitizers are ideal for OEM customers who want to embed an instrument into their system, as well as for end-users who want high performance instruments at affordable prices.

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New Products

ATS9416 - 14 bit, 100 MS/s, 16ch

ATS9416 is a 16-channel, 14 bit, 100 MS/s waveform digitizer based on the 8-lane PCI Express Gen2 bus. Boasting data throughput as fast as 3.5 GB/s, ATS9416 is an ideal solution for any application that requires high channel count.

AlazarStream 3000

AlazarStream 3000 allows users to store very high speed signals captured by AlazarTech PCI Express waveform digitizers to a RAID 0 disk volume.

Sustained disk storage rates up to 3.0 GB/s are supported, making AlazarStream 3000 the fastest disk-based data acquisition available on the market.

Multiple waveform digitizers can be inserted into the available PCI Express slots inside the AlazarStream 3000 system.


Featured Products

ATS9373 - 12 bit, 4 GS/s

ATS9373 is a 12 bit waveform digitizer board that can sample one analog input at rates up to 4 GS/s or two inputs at 2 GS/s. With on-FPGA FFT signal processing and data throughput as fast as 6.8 GB/s (6800 MB/s), ATS9373 is an ideal solution for many applications, including next generation OCT, radar, ultrasonics, spectrometry and RF signal recording.



We understand that many of our OEM customers are in the business of solving unique and challenging problems, and recognize that the optimal solution may not be a standard product, but a customized one.

The Custom Engineering Group at AlazarTech works with OEM customers to produce the best possible solution for a given application. In the past, this group has customized everything from software, FPGA firmware and printed circuit boards. As long as it makes business sense for both parties, it can be done.

We encourage you to discuss your requirements with our Custom Engineering Group.

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