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November 2, 2015
AlazarTech can now serve its European customers even better with shipments on a DDP basis.  Customers in EU countries no longer have to import AlazarTech products into Europe - AlazarTech does it for them. 

As a result EU customers can now take advantage of the popular Try-Before-You-Buy product evaluation plan.

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PC Oscilloscopes & PCI/PCIe Digitizers Designed for OEMs

Our products are ideal for OEM customers who want to
embed an instrument into their system, as well as for end-users who want high performance instruments at affordable prices.
6.8 GB/s Throughput PCI Express Digitizers
8, 12, 14 and 16 bit PCI Digitizers
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  New ATS9373
12 bit, 4 GS/s  waveform digitizer for PCIe Gen3 bus. Features 6.8 GB/s throughput to computer memory. Compatible with variable frequency external clock 
Featured Waveform Digitizers, PC Oscilloscope, PCI Digitizer
16 bit, 250 MS/s dual channel waveform digitizer for PCI Express bus with on-board, user-programmable FPGA and dc-coupled input amplifiers.   
PCI Digitizer Company Profile AlazarTech
Founded by the same team that pioneered PC-Based instruments in the 1980's, AlazarTech offers a new family of low cost, high performance PCI and PCI Express digitizers.  more

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