ATS-GMA-BASE is being discontinued. ***Not recommended for new designs. For GPU-based DSP, please use ATS-GPU-BASE

ATS-GMA-BASE is a software library developed by AlazarTech to allow users to DMA data from its PCI Express waveform digitizers to a compatible AMD Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). ATS-GMA solves the problem of transferring data from a waveform digitizer to a GPU at very high speeds. Data transfer rates as high as 6.9 GB/s with latency as low as 100 μs have been demonstrated using PCIe Gen3 based waveform digitizers.

The optional OCT Signal Processing library, called ATS-GMA-OCT, provides very high speed floating point FFT capability has been benchmarked at 1,900,000 FFTs per second for 2048 points on one input.

Ideal for Optical Coherence Tomography (SS-OCT) and other biomedical imaging applications that require real-time signal processing such as FFT.

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  • DMA A/D data to GPU at high speed
  • Up to 6.9 GB/s transfer rate for PCIe Gen 3 digitizer boards
  • Stream data to GPU with latency as low as 100 µs
  • Supports AMD Radeon™ Pro GPUs and AMD SDK version 2.9 and higher, which support OpenCL
  • Write your own OpenCL kernels
  • Designed to work with AlazarTech PCI Express waveform digitizers
  • Optional OCT Signal Processing Library: ATS-GMA-OCT
  • Users can create custom kernels for signal processing
  • More flexible than FPGA-based DSP
  • Compatible with 64-bit Windows 7 & Windows 10

Use it with ATS-GMA-OCT for out-of-the-box OCT imaging with very high-speed floating point FFT routines that have been optimized to provide the maximum number of FFTs per second, as well as Dispersion Compensation, Zero Padding, Log, and Windowing Functions.