ATS-SDK Extended Support & Maintenance

Extends support and maintenance subscription for ATS-SDK by one (1) year.

ATS-SDK is a constantly evolving product, with new functionality being added on a regular basis. The purchase of an ATS-SDK license automatically allows customers to obtain technical support and download updates from the AlazarTech website for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

Customers who want to receive technical support and download new releases beyond the included 12 month period must purchase this extended support and maintenance.

Must be purchased before expiration of the standard subscription (or before expiration of an extended subscription). Extended Support & Maintenance can only be purchased while there is a valid subscription in place.

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  • Download ATS-SDK updates from the AlazarTech website;
  • Receive technical support on ATS-SDK.

Find out when your subscription expires

Get your subscription end date by registering your software.

You will need the SDK serial number, which can be found on the CD envelope or in the email you received with your download link and password.