ATS460: Dual Port Memory Upgrade

This option equips the ATS460 with dual port acquisition memory. Dual port memory allows data to be transferred to host PC memory even if an acquisition is in progress.

Other PCI digitizers on the market do not provide dual port memory, thus prolonging the re-arm time of the digitizer. This limits the maximum trigger repeat rate they can handle in applications involving fast triggers, such as OCT, medical imaging, ultrasonic testing, NMR spectroscopy and other pulse-echo testing methodologies.

ATS460, equipped with Dual Port Memory option, does not suffer from such drawbacks and provides the best solution for these applications.

AlazarTech has designed custom memory management circuitry to interface this dual port memory to PCI bus. This circuitry is called AutoDMA, which can work in many different modes.

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  • Supports the following AutoDMA modes:
    • Traditional AutoDMA
    • No Pre-Trigger (NPT) AutoDMA
    • Continuous AutoDMA
    • Triggered Streaming AutoDMA
    • Asynchronous DMA