ATS660: SyncBoard 4x

If your application requires more than 2 channels for data acquisition, you can synchronize multiple digitizers to allow truly synchronous sampling using a Master/Slave SyncBoard 660.  SyncBoard 660 is a mezzanine board that connects to the Master/Slave connector along the top edge of the ATS660 and sits parallel to the motherboard.

SyncBoard 660 4x allows a 2-, 3-, or 4-board Master/Slave system for up to 8 channels of data acquisition. 

SyncBoard 660 features clock buffering, clock distribution, trigger resynchronization and controlled impedance, equal length traces to deliver Positive Emitter Coupled Logic (PECL) level clock, trigger, and initialization signals to each ATS660 in the system.

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  • Enables up to 8 channels of data acquisition
  • Complete synchronization between Master board and all Slave boards
  • SyncBoard 660 copies all clock and trigger signals and supplies them to all connected Slave boards
  • Allows the use of variable frequency clocks

Complete synchronization between Master board and all Slave boards

The Master board’s clock and trigger signals are copied by the SyncBoard 660 and supplied to all the Slave boards.  This guarantees complete synchronization between the Master board and all Slave boards. SyncBoard 660 allows the use of variable frequency clocks in Master/Slave configuration. A Master/Slave system samples all inputs simultaneously and also triggers simultaneously on the same clock edge.

For optimal trigger accuracy, only the Master board is allowed to trigger the acquisition system.