ATS-GPU-OCT 4.0 is an optional signal processing library that uses ATS-GPU-BASE (sold separately) to acquire data and provide out-of-the-box OCT imaging with very high speed floating point FFT, windowing, dispersion compensation, zero padding and log kernels. Benchmarks have shown A-line rates up to 950,000 for 4096 point FFT and 1.9 Million for 2048 point FFT.

ATS-GPU-OCT library is callable from virtually any programming environment (C/C++, C#, LabVIEW®, MATLAB®, Python). Since these programming environments cannot call CUDA functions directly, the internal structure of ATS-GPU-OCT 4.0 is fixed and cannot be modified by the user. Users are still allowed to download their own window function, dispersion compensation function, set zero-padding and select output data format.

The purchase of an ATS-GPU-OCT license automatically allows customers to obtain technical support and download updates from the AlazarTech website for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.  Customers who want to receive technical support and download new releases beyond the included 12 month period must purchase ATS-GPU-OCT Extended Support & Maintenance

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  • Very High-Speed Floating Point FFT
  • Dispersion Compensation, Zero Padding, Log, and Windowing Functions
  • Up to 6.9 GB/s transfer rate for PCIe Gen 3 digitizer boards
  • Supports CUDA compute capability 3.0+
  • Designed to work with AlazarTech PCI Express waveform digitizers
  • Includes ATS-CUDA-OCT for expert-level GPU programmers
  • Compatible with 64-bit Windows & 64-bit Linux
  • Requires ATS-GPU-BASE 

Access to low-level API for customization

For expert-level GPU programmers who want to modify the inner workings of ATS-GPU-OCT 4.0, we offer ATS-CUDA-OCT. Included with ATS-GPU-OCT 4.0, ATS-CUDA-OCT implements OCT signal processing using a lower level API, thus making it possible for each part of the OCT signal processing chain to be modified to suit the application needs. ATS-CUDA-OCT is callable only from C/C++ and requires advanced GPU programming, debugging and benchmarking expertise.