AlazarTech provides waveform digitizers (A/D boards) and software solutions that allow OCT users to digitize electronic waveforms generated by their MZI, perform real-time data transfer to GPU for DSP, and easily create live images in their custom imaging software.

Low-cost PCI Express Digitizers

ATS9353 is a low-noise, 12-bit PCIe waveform digitizer with fixed input range that can sample two analog inputs at rates up to 500 MS/s. Get ATS9353 specifications & pricing.

ATS9352 is a 12-bit PCIe waveform digitizer with variable input range that can sample two analog inputs at rates up to 500 MS/s. Get ATS9352 specifications & pricing. 

Both ATS9353 and ATS9352 are ideal for OEMs. Volume pricing available.

Customization available on ATS9353 and ATS9352 for OEMs. Make changes such as:

  • On-board galvo-control circuit
  • Custom FPGA programming
  • ...

ATS9146 is a 14-bit PCIe waveform digitizer that can sample two analog inputs at rates up to 125 MS/s. Get ATS9146 specifications & pricing. 

ATS9130 is a 12-bit PCIe waveform digitizer that can sample two analog inputs at rates up to 50 MS/s. Get ATS9130 specifications & pricing. 

ATS9120 is a 12-bit PCIe waveform digitizer that can sample two analog inputs at rates up to 20 MS/s. Get ATS9120 specifications & pricing. 

ATS9373 is a high-speed, 12-bit PCIe Gen 3 x8 waveform digitizer that can sample one analog input at rates up to 4 GS/s or two inputs 2 GS/s. Get ATS9373 specifications & pricing. 

All AlazarTech PCIe waveform digitizers are compatible with ATS‑GPU for GPU-based DSP.  Use ATS‑GPU‑OCT for out-of-the-box OCT imaging. Get ATS‑GPU‑OCT specifications & pricing.

If your OCT system must operate on a 24/7 basis, you need to use AlazarTech products.

AlazarTech provides a complete solution for SS-OCT applications, including:

  • Low Noise High Resolution data acquisition at fast sample rates With up to 4 GS/s sampling offered by ATS9373, you can future-proof your OCT system for tomorrow's sources
  • Fast 6.8 GB/s data transfer rate for raw (time domain) data or FFT data There are OTHER companies claiming to offer OCT solutions, but their data transfer rate to computer memory is only a few hundred Megabytes per second, putting a ceiling on how many frames per second they can capture

  • Support for variable frequency external clock to allow the use of the swept source's k-clock to solve the re-linearization problem This feature is unique to AlazarTech due to our unique A/D technology. Commercially available A/D technology requires fixed frequency sampling and, therefore, cannot use k-clock signals from swept sources. A DSP-based resampling scheme must be used to linearize the data in k-space. Our k-clock based solution directly generates data linear in k-space
  • Unique OCT Ignore Bad Clock feature that allows use of out-of-specification k-clocks k-clock from many swept sources provide either no signal in between scans or a "dummy clock" of very slow frequency. In some cases, the "dummy clock" can also contain glitches. AlazarTech's OCT Ignore Bad Clock technology allows the user to tell the A/D circuitry to ignore the k-clock signal during a certain time duration after each trigger
  • Complete On-FPGA FFT solution that includes: •   User programmable dispersion compensation function
    •   User programmable windowing
    •   Log calculation
    •   FFT magnitude output in floating point or integer format
  • Special "Raw + FFT" mode that allows users to acquire both time domain and FFT data This can be very useful during the validation process
  • Embedded data footers that include timestamp, frame count and many other useful information for each record

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