AlazarTech Package Manager for Windows

AlazarTech Package Manager for Windows (APM) is an application designed to help install, remove, update and repair AlazarTech software on Windows computers. By default, it fetches the latest software versions from AlazarTech's servers. It is also possible to use it offline by providing a local "repository" of packages.

This application is both flexible and easy to use. By default, it will detect the digitizers in your system and install the latest versions of the software components needed to use them. You can, however, override any of these suggested installations and upgrades. You can choose to install any version of AlazarTech applications.

Lastly, AlazarTech Package Manager is cross-compatible with manual software installations. The software components it installs can be changed or removed either from within the application or manually from Windows' control panel.


AlazarTech Package Manager's interface is a series of pages that lets you select which software components you would like to install, remove, or upgrade.

By default, it will detect the digitizers that are connected to your system and offer to install the latest-available versions of the components needed to use them. This means that if you are installing AlazarTech software for the first time on a given computer, or if you want to upgrade your currently installed versions, you can simply go through the different pages of the application by clicking "next" without changing the default values.

The rest of this section discusses in detail the different packages of this application.


On this page, you are invited to select the application's language. You can then click "next".

Repository Selection

This page lets you decide whether you would like AlazarTech Package Manager to fetch all available software versions from an AlazarTech server or from a local repository. If your computer has access to an internet connection, the first option is recommended.

Component Selection

On this page, a table shows all AlazarTech software components, along with their currently installed version and the suggested version to install.

For each component, the details for "Current Version" is blank unless the component is currently installed on the system. Similarly, the drop-down in the "Version to Install" column will be blank or read "No change" unless a software change is selected.

As discussed previously, APM will pre-select some changes according to the following rules:

If you would like to reset all pre-selected changes and make it so that APM does not perform any changes, you can click the "Reset changes" button.

You can also change the version to install for any component by selecting it from the associated drop-down.

Installation Summary

This page presents a list of all actions that will be performed when you press "Proceed".

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