[1049] My AlazarTech digitizer seems to have failed. The fan is not spinning but almost all the LEDs are lit or blinking, with the exception of "FPGA".

The PS1 and PS2 red LEDs being lit are indications that power supplies have failed on the board. Follow the steps in this flowchart:

Power Monitor Flowchart

For instructions on accessing Power Monitor in AlazarDSO:

[1045] I see that PCI Express based AlazarTech A/D boards monitor many on-board voltages and currents and this health-check data is available in Power Monitor.  How do I run Power Monitor on my board?

1.  Start AlazarDSO, and go to "Configure | Plugins"

     Confgure --> Plugins

2.  Check "Enable plugins", select "Power Monitor" and click "Configure"

     Enable --> Power Monitor --> Configure

3.  Click "Status..."

4.  Send us a screenshot of the "Status" window that appears

     Send Status to AlazarTech Support